There remains a big deal in maintaining your HVAC unit available at your house. Protecting the HVAC device means protecting the family plus people staying with you. Failure in doing this may cause dangerous harms such a law suit. In avoiding this you are advised in keeping a closer watch on the air vents. If you are running a full community then you have are persuade them in keeping a closer look concerning the air quality around them. Heavy costs can be avoided by having a routine maintenance which will reduce replacement issues.
Monitoring the wellness of your HVAC unit ensures that you don’t face any sudden ruptures concerning your business and your daily life. Regarding this below is a simple note aiming for helping with simple handy ways in ensuring the wellbeing of the HVAC equipment.


They serve as the first protection for any HVAC device that is why it is very important to keep an eye on them. This filters help to keep away any particles or any substances to enter the HVAC unit. Generally filters are replaced within a specific amount of time. Try to ensure that you replace the filters within every six months. Give a quick inspection from in frequent times and then decide on the perfect time of replacing them.


In the present world there is a high energy demand within our environments so that is why you should have a quality equipment which will stabilize your energy use. In that case many new technologies have been developed capable of reducing the amount of energy expended. HVAC devices with small tubes are available capable of allowing compact heat transfer thus tolerating frequent heat movement.


A high presence of humidity is available around this parts. However, this contributes to the growth of moulds inside them. However, this is also in touch with air outside plus dirt’s escaping through the filters. Occurring of this causes the condenser to easily degrade quickly. During cleaning them it’s best to clean them at the same time. The cleaning of this fungi often gets hard to do on metal bodies thereby it is most effective to use antimicrobial agents when cleaning.


During times of rainfall there can be sudden water pools lying close to the system. This may influence growth of moulds near the HVAC unit. When this happens the spores of the mould are then dragged into the system and further taking this into the house. Ensuring that this doesn’t occur is very vital not just for concerning the safety of the unit but for the healthiness of the air you take in.


For all people who care about their HVAC devices this is are common phenomena that occurs frequently. When leaks are found it is best to change the screws and latches. You may decide to change the whole gasket or even patch it. After arresting the leaks you should also check the damper’s to make sure that they are in place and also free of dirt.

Why You Should Travel More

When last did you pack your bags and head off to another state, country, or even continent just for the sake of travelling; not for business, not to visit relations, not even for vacation, but just for the sake of being on the road (or in the air)? This may seem weird to you if you’re not a travelling enthusiast, you may wonder if there’s any sense in exposing yourself to the risk of injury or death by accident just for the thrill of seeing a new place. Well if you’re reading this, the plan is to convince you that travelling is good for you, and we’ll be doing that through the following points:

Travelling is Fun: While it’s true that it can be stressful sitting in one place throughout a trip (and yep, some trips are pretty long), the fun and pleasure offered by journeys far outweighs the stress. Driving through the countryside and feeling the air whipping through you hair. Or staring down at the rest of civilization through an airplane window can be a totally pleasurable experience, also, you meet new people during trips, you can strike up interesting conversations, and perhaps, who knows? You may meet the love of your life.

Great guys travel: Charles Darwin developed his theory of evolution and natural selection while on a sea voyage; Steve Jobs had a deep spiritual experience during his trip through India which most likely contributed a lot to his creativity. Bill and Melinda Gates have travelled to many developing countries in the course of the charitable work of their foundation. While serving as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton travelled to well over a 100 countries. Tim Urban, the author of the WaitbutWhy blog, has toured countries from North Korea to Nigeria, and Iraq among many others, his blog posts are top of the rank. Travelling seems to be a hall mark of greatness, and we think it’s a hubby you should consider picking too. You’re great no?

Travelling Broadens Your View of the World: In our hyper-connected world, our opinions of people from other races, countries and religions are often shaped heavily by what the media portrays. Unfortunately, the media can be biased, it’s okay to pack your bags once in a while and go check out how things really are for yourself. When you interact personally with people of a different belief system and ideology, you can understand them better, it’s easier to see things from their point of view and thus be more tolerant. The amount of racist vitriol, religious intolerance, and hate speech/behavior in our world today would be significantly reduced if everyone travelled a lot more than we are doing currently.


The next time you have the means, haul your stuff, fill your gas tank or buy a plane/train ticket, and just get away from home. We most often meet our true selves in places we never expected.


Is it Time to Replace or repair My Air Conditioner?

Homeowners often get confused whether to have their air conditioner replaced or repaired. You might have paid an HVAC repair professional to inspect and fix any issues with your A/C unit but a few weeks later, the unit seems to have other issues and cannot work properly. That’s where the question to replace or repair your A/C comes in. While there are times when it may be necessary and beneficial to repair your A/C unit, there comes a time when it’s no longer an option and you have to replace it.

So, where do you begin? How will you know it’s time to replace your air conditioner? That’s what this article covers. First of all, understand that replacing your air conditioner will require some good amount of money. That’s why experts recommend and advise homeowners to maintain their AC units to ensure longevity in service. Here’s a guideline to help you make the right choice, whether to repair or replace your unit.

What’s the age of your A/C unit?

The first thing to consider is the economic life of your air conditioner. When an A/C unit exceeds its economic life, it becomes more costly to repair replacing it. Large commercial units have a lifespan of about 125 years while that of split units is about 7 years. Systems that are more than ten years old might cost you more money due to energy inefficiency and lack of the appropriate parts. Note that most manufacturers carry parts for air conditioner units for a period, not more than 7 years. At about 15 years of age, your A/C units will develop more problems and even break-down more often. The best way is to replace the unit rather than repairing it.

Maintenance and Condition of your A/C unit

How often do you service and maintain your air conditioner unit? If you don’t maintain your A/C unit, it will most likely develop issues and even have a shorter service life. A poorly maintained unit will be inefficient especially when it comes to energy consumption and performance. Consider cleaning the filters every 3 months. If your system is used more often, cleaning should be done more frequently. Find an HVAC technician to service your unit every year.

Energy Efficiency Matters

One of the things to consider when buying a new air conditioner unit is its energy efficiency rating. You should purchase an A/C unit with a higher rating as this will save you more money compared to other models. Installing an energy efficient A/C unit will use less electricity and energy to heat or cool your home. Over the years, there has been an increase in A/C efficiency (about 10 to 30 percent). What does this mean? You can see that getting a new A/C unit would be a better option than repairing an old one.

According to HVAC experts, one should consider replacing his or her air conditioner because of the cost of repairs and the age of the unit. A new unit might cost you between $4,500 and $7,500 depending on the model, brand, and location. Note that this is exclusive of the ductwork. If the cost of repairing your existing air conditioner seems to be very high, it’s better to replace it.